Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday Tab- Lilja, Around the World with Bob and Barbara

Lilja's Around the World with Bob and Barbara was obviously drawn by the same artist who did A Country Weekend with Kathy and Jill ( ). As with Country Weekend, the dolls are *front and back* but the clothes are front-view only. Given that there are 8 pages of clothes, it's a pretty skimpy set, with only 2 outfits per page. Since the first page says *on the ship*, I assume the theme is an around the world cruise, and around the world it would be since Bob and Barbara visit Mexico, Sweden, Russia and China all on the same trip. This is a very stylized set and I love it.
Take special note of Australia in its proper position, just below North America. And I have no idea what planet is being portrayed on the back cover. Maybe Pern. Note also, contortionist Bob, whose legs are crossed one way in the front view, and differently on the back.
Click on images to enlarge, right click to save as jpgs. Print from any graphics program, clothes on plain paper, covers on card stock.
Note: There was interest in seeing the pattern scan paper doll tutorial (from last week's set). I'll upload that fairly soon.

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