Tuesday, February 19, 2008

AI- Top 24 Men

Ryan, you can tell us every 3 minutes that this season has The Best Singers Evah, but that doesn't make it true. Witness tonight's messes:

David Hernandez- actually he sounded okay on Midnight Hour, but it wasn't exciting

Chikeze Eze- oh Jacuzzi, no. That was every bit as awful as Simon said it was, and back-sassing is always a mistake.

David Cook- started Happy Together just fine, but it fell apart pretty quickly.

Jason Yeager- Moon River? Seriously?

Robbie Carrico- needs a rougher edge to his voice. He sounds far too Boy Band (which he formerly was).

David Archuleta- was totally great while singing, and a little much before and afterward.

Danny Noriega- on the other hand, was even worse than Simon said. And that little head waggle looked exactly like my 6 year old granddaughter's.

Luke Menard- I should have liked his Everybody's Talking, but it was too... delicate...

Colton Berry- Suspicious Minds was okay (better than Danny's Elvis), but any Elvis is too much for me.

Garret Haley- He has a much higher voice than I expected. Sedaka is right for him.

Jason Castro- very interesting, though the guitar didn't help

Michael Johns- is not nearly as good as the show wants me to think he is. His overpronunciation (fie-yerrrrr) drove me batty.

Simon is making up for showing his gentle side during the auditions, though picking on Paula is like shooting music-colored fish in a barrel.

David Archuleta is the only one I would have voted for tonight, but he won't need my votes. The 12 year olds will see to it that he's still there next week.
My prediction for elimination: Any combo of Chikezie, Jason Yeager, David Hernandez, or Colton Berry. It doesn't really matter which order, they're all going fairly soon. I'm really sad about Chikezie- I had high hopes for him. But I think he sunk himself with a dismal performance and attitude.


Rosie said...

Danny Noriega's head waggle at the end totally won me over! I didn't think the dreadlock guy was nearly as good as the judges though. The Australian dude was also underwhelming, but he's HOTTTT so I wouldn't mind if they kept him around for a while. Colton was also way better than I had expected. Also, Leif Garret Haley needs to go.

Jennifer said...

Totally agree. Ryan's probably being paid a bonus to keep saying that. I yell at him every time.