Tuesday, February 26, 2008

AI- Top 10 Guys

Now this is why I love American Idol: good performances from nearly everyone, great performances from a few, and one absolute standout. Bravo, guys!

Michael Johns very kindly included Stevie Nicks' vibrato on Go Your Own Way. I continue to be unimpressed by him. This was his worst performance so far.

Jason Castro has a very BeeGee's/70's kind of voice. This was an excellent song for him, and his interview was goofily endearing. I'm still not sold on the dreads.

Luke Menard leads with the amazing news that "singing a capella is not like singing with a band", but he delivers on Killer Queen.

Robbie Carrico isn't quite as Hot Blooded as he wants to be.

Danny Noriega's Superstar was a vast improvement over last week's performance, but it's okay with me if he goes home Thursday. At least this year's Sanjaya can sing.

David Hernandez surprised me with an excellent version of Papa Was a Rolling Stone.

Jason Yeager also improved greatly on last week's performance with The Doobies. But he needs to keep his face blank during the judging.

And wahoo for Chikezie- I have no idea what Donnie Hathaway song that was, but he nailed it good and solid. His was the 2nd best performance of a night filled with really good performances.

I am beginning to find David Cook, and his comb-forward, supremely annoying. He sounded fine, but telling Simon that he was irrelevant was a huge mistake.

They definitely saved the best for last, David Archuleta's stunning rendition of John Lennon's Imagine was one of the most amazing performances in the history of American Idol. Beautiful voice, beautiful arrangement, beautiful performance.

Headed home? I hope any combo of Michael Johns, David Cook, or Danny Noriega. I suspect it'll be some combo of Robbie Carrico, Luke Menard and Jason Yeager.

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lisabeedesigns said...

I'm bummed that you'll be missing the rest of this week's AI programming. I love your take on it. (But I hope you enjoy your trip!)

Jason Castro and David Archuleta are quickly filling my favorites spots, but I think David's got the chance to win the competition, not so much Jason.