Monday, February 11, 2008

Biology Class Flashbacks

Emily Stoneking, The Crafty Hedgehog, designed and knitted this, perhaps to remind all of us who are not currently in High School, how glad we are of that fact.

And if you want to make one of your own, she sells the pattern (and some other adorable designs):


Jenni said...

Ugh! I thought, "how gross"... and then I said, wait a sec, it's better than a REAL one!!

We disected worms in our class, instead of froggies. Whew, lucky for me!

Interesting knitting... very interesting...

Anonymous said...

That is so cute and I loved biology and other gross things. I have dissected, worms, fetal pigs and frog and sheeps eyes. I am currently a nurse, not some sick and twisted person.

Lil Knitter said...

I saw these little buggers on Etsy...they are so gross. My son, however, thought they were just so cool.