Wednesday, February 13, 2008

AI- Hollywood #1

Damn, I love the Hollywood episodes. This is where the feet are put to the fire, and the real talent begins to emerge. Or it would, if we got to see more of it. But what we did see was pretty good.

Carole King Lite, Brooke, was fine, and I'm glad they passed her through, but her no R rated movies schtick bugs me. I have no problem with seeing movies or not seeing movies (the only one I saw in the theater last year was Order of the Phoenix), but your entertainment choice is just that, not a measure of moral superiority.

Speaking of moral superiority, I chuckled when Abstinence Amy was bounced. And was delighted that Other Brooke, Queen of Florida Whatever, was not able to charm her way in (Paula's loathing was palpable).

I can't say that I was too sorry to see Jeffrey go- he murdered A Whole New World, which remains my favorite AI performance ever (I did love Ruben, but I loved Clay just a bit more).

Asia'h Epperson (Hepperson?) may be my favorite so far- her voice is wonderful, but she needs to ditch the hair tumor.

Governor Kyle is interesting- not AI material, but there is a voice in there. A Sunday Choir, Community Theater, My He Sings Well voice, but I don't see him as a contender.

And Josiah- you know, he's also not AI material, but there is something in there. His keyboard performance was pretty amazing, and his meltdown at the end was can't look away enthralling. I'm not sure he has the emotional strength for what's coming, but I could see that Simon saw dollar signs in him.

I missed Farm Boy Drew, Chickezie, Corliss and Britney, and the fingernail saver. They probably got cut early on.

I have studiously avoided the spoiler sites and I don't know who made it to the Top 24, so here is my prediction for some who will make tonight's cut (not a full list because I suspect that there are people we haven't even seen yet, and because my memory is faulty): Australian Michael Johns, David Archuleta, the long-haired blonde rocker guy with the hat, David Cooke, Danny Noriega, Carly Smithson, Brooke White, Asia'h Epperson, Amanda The Biker Nurse (though her range is so limited that she can't possibly go far), Jumielle (my least favorite of the women, but I think she's in), and Syesha. I am still holding out a small hope for Drew and Chickezie. I don't know if he deserves it (or if it's in his best mental health interest), but it would not surprise me if Josiah made it as well.

We'll see tonight how wrong I am.

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AI fan said...

I agree with you that Josiah is not AI material. He'd do much better in a band. Unfortunately I also think he's not quite ready yet - Randy might actually be good to take him under his wings.