Wednesday, February 20, 2008

AI- Top 24 Women

Overall, the women were worse than the men, in that there were more disappointments.

Kristy Lee Cook's Rescue Me had no feeling or emotion at all, though her singing was competent (I'll chalk it up to being sick, and throw her some sympathy since it was Paula who mentioned it, not Kristy).

I never thought I'd say this, but Joanne Borgella's Say A Little Prayer was pitchy, dawg.

Alaina Whittaker's I Love You More Today brought a bit of the Carmen Rasmussen Vibrato back to the screen. This is not a good thing.

Amanda Overmyer, in a mini-Winehouse Beehive, sang some song that I've never heard before, and don't want to hear again. Usually, I dislike when the kids talk back to Simon, but Amanda did it right tonight.

Amy Davis had some mysteriously confusing hair there, and she murdered Where The Boys Are (note to The Judges: Connie Francis, not Patsy Cline). The worst of the night. The worst of both nights.

Brooke White managed to do what David Cook didn't last night, though she needs to understand that being a Good Girl is fine, but bragging on it is not. I want to dislike her, but her voice is pretty good.

Oh my god, Alexandrea Lushington's Spinning Wheel was just plain awful.

Kady Malloy seems totally unprepared to deal with less than universal praise. Someone might want to explain to Randy that a 180 degree change is more than a 360.

Asia'h Epperson's Piece of My Heart was the best of the night, and maybe the best of both nights. I continue to be impressed with her.

Ramiele Malubray has an amazing depth to her voice, and her performance was better than I epxected for such a boring song. But I do wish the show would stop emphasizing her teeny-ness, as though it was some sort of special skill.

Syesha Mercado- great smile, but Tobacco Road? Seriously?

And finally, Carly Smithson- didn't love it, didn't hate it, but at least they addressed the former contract (though not the fact that Randy Jackson was head of A&R at the selfsame recording company when Carly was signed).

I've had a chance to watch this year's version of the flu up close and personal, so I'll add some points to the lackluster performances, but I'm sad to say that I think Joanne will be one of the first bootees. And I hope Amy is the other (though Kady would be fine too, and I doubt Alaina is long for the competition). If I was voting, it would be for Asia'h, but as with David A, I'll save my number punching for when she needs it.

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