Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Yarn Report: Crystal Palace Panda Cotton

Crystal Palace Yarns

Panda Cotton

55% bamboo - 24% cotton - 21% elastic nylon
182 yds/50 gr.

7-8 sts/inch

38 colors: 12 solids + 26 prints

One of the great things about designing knitwear is that I get to knit with yarns I would not have used otherwise. I'm not a big fan of cotton yarns- the ends don't stay tucked in well enough to suit me, and the lack of elasticity limits the kind and scope of projects I can use with it (this is just my opinion, mind you- many many people knit with all-cotton yarns and are totally happy with them). I might not have tried Crystal Palace Panda Cotton if not for the new sock book- but I want to use as many different sock yarns as I can in the book, which means stepping out of my wool/nylon comfort zone.

I'm so glad I did- the Panda Cotton (which has a significant Bamboo fiber content, as well as enough elastic to make the yarn springy) is a wonderful yarn. It's light but sturdy, and has a lovely hand. I used size 2 needles and was very happy with the fabric. I was also very happy with how the *spots* on my Pea Pod (#0207) worked up- no pooling or striping, just lovely random speckles of color.

The label says to handwash or machine wash cold/gentle, and dry flat. I handwashed my sample. It took longer to dry than wool yarn (which has been my experience across the board with cotton yarns, though that could have something to do with the humidity in my house, or the curse put upon it by the Cotton Fairies), but the washed fabric is soft and lovely.
I'll use the yarn again, happily.


Lil Knitter said...

Thanks for the info on the yarn...I love those bright colors. I'm reading to start my sock knitting venture and I'm trying to get all the information I can on different yarns.

Leigh said...

I appreciate the review of this yarn. I've not worked with bamboo yet and am reluctant to knit for myself or others with cottons. However, they're suitable for my part of the country!