Friday, February 29, 2008

AI- Top 20 Gals and Elimination...

... In which I talk about a show I didn't see at all, and one I saw about half, though that doesn't keep me from having an opinion.

I got back from supper at Applebees in Fargo (sounds like a Coen Brothers' movie, doesn't it?) in time to hear about half of Brooke's Carly Simon imitation. Since I really like Carly Simon, I really liked Brooke's version (though it sounded really bad on the playback at the end of the show).

I thought Ramielle's Disco turn was good- a lot better than any of the judges thought.

Kristy Lee's Linda Ronstadt impersonation wasn't nearly as good as Brooke's Carly Simon.

Amanda's hair and outfit were so frightening that I didn't even hear her song.

Alaina didn't come close to Olivia.

Alexandrea's outfit was every bit as bad as Amanda's, but I liked If You Leave Me Now. Then again, it's my favorite Chicago song, and she sounded fine to me.

I don't like Kady, so I probably couldn't like her singing even if she out Melindaed Melinda (which she didn't).

Asia'h, who I do love, did so badly that I can't bear to remember it.

On the playback, Carly sounded great, and Syesha didn't make any impression at all (except for her beautiful smile), and I only hope Kady will go home.

I was at Prairie Yarns during the elimination show, but my husband dutifully took notes on who got the boot. They said, and I quote:

Robbie, Pat Boone Moon River (by which he meant the Pat Boone Kinda Guy who sang Moon River, not that Pat Boone actually sang it and was voted off American Idol, which is good because I would have been really sad to have missed that episode), blonde with gap in teeth-name starts w/A, girl with pretty smile (which scared me for a minute because I thought he meant Syesha).

Maybe I'll have him write next week's recaps.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog, but not the ongoing american Idol posts. I much prefer teh knitting contehe

Viki said...

Actually, I'm getting a kick out of reading your Idol posts.
Keep it up please.

Kathleen Taylor said...

Thanks viki- I knew that some people wouldn't enjoy the AI stuff, but it's one of my favorite things, so the recaps will continue. Thanks for hanging in there with me.