Thursday, February 21, 2008

AI- Top 24 Elimination

Oh, Pointy Pose, how I've missed you. I loved the outfits- the guy's suits and the girls prancing in stuff I would have have worn in jr. high except that I was too frumpy. As a group, they sound good together. Interestingly, when they're in costume, I can't tell most of the guys apart, and the blonde girls all look identical. Well, the blonde girls are pretty much identical out of costume too, but it was even worse tonight.

We get right down to business by ditching Garret, which was a surprise (I didn't even include him in the bottom four men). On the other hand, it'll be hard to miss him since we never got to see him in the first place (thanks, show).

Ryan played games with Kristy- I don't know if that means her vote totals weren't as high as The Powers That Be wanted, and this was a sympathy ploy, or if she really was in the lower tier. But Amy is dispatched without much more ado, and her singout was every bit as bad as the night before (though her hairdo was a vast improvement), which means that America most certainly got it right.

Paula's parting advice to *paint that door and that doorknob* may become my new motto, if I can ever figure out what the heck it means. However, I understood that better than the lyrics of her new song. The video was shot Janet Jackson Dance Style (no more than two or three steps per camera shot), with her voice computerized beyond recognition.

The second surprise of the night was including Amanda with Joanne for the last female elimination, though Ryan never actually said that Amanda was on the bottom rung. In any case, I'm sorry that Joanne is going home, but her performance on Tuesday was pretty bad, so America did it right again.

I wasn't at all surprised that Chikeze and Colton were called down, though I expected Mr. Eze to be the one packing his bags. Colton's singout was better than his performance, and he did not deserve Simon's cruel assessment of his career possibilities (even if Simon is right, it was still too much like kicking the baby).

I hope there is no theme next week- I want to hear what The Top 20 choose for themselves (and I never want to hear Moon River again, unless Andy Williams comes to my house to croon it to me personally).


Anonymous said...

Love your assessment! I was only surprised that Moon River boy didn't get the boot . . . any contestant that EVER chooses that song needs to be sent packing right then and there! Happy knitting!

lisabeedesigns said...

I was so not surprised by Garrett's departure. To me, he was the stand out to go home.

Though as anony said, the moon river guy was pretty boot worthy, too. Maybe people thought he was cute?

I'm bummed that Joanne went home, but wasn't too surprised.