Wednesday, February 13, 2008

AI- Top 24

Well, nearly everyone on my short list made it to the Top 24. It's not that I'm psychic, or a particularly good judge of singers, it's just that the show pretty much telegraphed its preference for those particular kids. And, as in previous years, there are some we haven't seen at all, which pretty much dooms them to early elimination (Bo Bice notwithstanding).

The Guys:

David Archuleta (a given)
Colton Berry (is there guy mascara? If so, he needs it)
Robbie Carrico (blonde rocker dude whose name I didn't remember yesterday)
Jason Castro (who????)
David Cook (another given)
Chickezie Eze (wahoo!)
Garrett Haley (Leif Garrett 0.2?)
David Hernandez (I sorta remember him, but wasn't impressed)
Michael Johns (I figured)
Luke Menard (again, who????)
Danny Noriega (Sanjaya '08, but with a much better voice)
Jason Yeager (once more, ????)

The Gals:

Joanne Borgella (plus size model!)
Kristy Lee Cook (blonde and bazooms)
Amy Davis (don't remember her at all)
Asia'h Epperson (!!!)
Alexandrea Lushington (I remember her adorable great grandma)
Ramiele Malubay (except I spelled her name Jumielle in the post below... sheesh)
Syesha Mercado (best smile of them all)
Amanda Overmyer (this year's Nikki/Amy/Gina)
Kady Malloy (no particular impression of her)
Carly Smithson (begorrah)
Alaina Whitaker (I barely remember her)
Brooke White (I'm on the fence about Brooke, and curious as to what she'll do next).

As for Josiah- given the amount of air time he got, I really expected him to make it. I'm glad he didn't, for his own sake. I think the kid has talent, but he needs time and maturity(and I understand that his mother is very ill), and he needs a band.

Early Faves: Chickezie, Asia'h, David A (lots of Davids this year), and maybe Carly. And I hope Joanne does well.

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