Monday, February 25, 2008

Rules for a Knitter's Life

My friend Melanie, and her friend Elizabeth, were teaching at a Women's Retreat this weekend in Virginia. They came up with four rules for a Knitter's Life. I've added a few more. What Knitting Rules do you live by?

A Rule for the Knitter's Life
by Elizabeth & Melanie
February 23, 2008

1. Knit all you can.

2. Don't use knitting needles as weapons.

3. Be in love with yarn.

4. Give your knitting away.

My additions:

5. Some mistakes can be ignored, some must be torn out and redone- the trick is figuring out which kind of mistake it is.

6. Buy new yarn when it speaks to you, but also use up your stash- unused yarn is beautiful potential, but it's also potential moth food.

7. You will never know everything about knitting.


Frankie said...

Love the rules -- especially your last one . . . it makes me feel SO much better!

Jenni said...

RULES? What rules? haha

Rule #1: There are no rules (no knitting police!)
Rule #2: Knitting is to be FUN (don't stress out!)
Rule #3: You are the boss of your knitting.


Iron Needles said...

Well said!

Leigh said...

Mine is, don't be afraid to try a pattern that looks beyond my experience. Who knows, I may actually get it right, but if I don't, I always learn something useful.


As it would happen, your posting of "the Rules of Knitting" was very timely, as you posted on my birthday. I am printing a copy, credited to you, and framing it for display in my yarn room.
May I make copies to distribute to my formal knitting class at my local community college, also?

Many thanks!

Kathleen Taylor said...

Thanks frankie, jenni, leigh, and iron needles!

Happy Birthday, Knitorious Mrs. B! And absolutely, you may print and hand out The Rules- and if your knitting class members have additions, invite them to come and add to the list here.

Gnat said...

I love those rules!!!

I like the one about the mistakes. My current mistake is one I have to rip back. I like the ones that blend in. hehehe