Thursday, January 29, 2009

AI- New York City and San Juan Auditions

We’re doing double duty tonight, flipping back and forth between Noo Yawk City, and San Juan, Puerto Rico (with the obligatory West Side Story references). I tried to note who sang in which place, but I can’t swear to getting them all properly sorted. Paula was decked out like a pirate’s treasure chest in San Juan, though I think she wore a neckerchief in both places. Randy sported sparkles in San Juan, and Simon looked the same everywhere. I didn’t notice what Kara wore, which means she kept The Girls undercover.

NYC: Adiola Adegoke foolishly quit her job before auditioning, so she not only needs to get her job back, she has to avoid Jennifer Holliday after attributing And I am Telling You solely to Jennifer Hudson.

SJ: Jorge Nunez has a nice, smooth voice, especially when he sings in Spanish, and is exactly the kind of eye candy that AI likes.

SJ: Jessika Baier, wearing an improbable outfit (didn’t Diana Degarmo put an end to pink and black together?), hails from Michigan. She’s trailed by a large and clumsy entourage, none of whom bothered to tell her that oversinging does not go with whine.

NYC: Mostly bald, truly beautiful, with an infectious smile and bare feet (clean this time), Melinda Camille is a graduate of the Squidward Tentacles School of Interpretive Dance, Clothing Optional Campus. She sings well, and knows it.

NYC: Jackie Thon has a most interesting gravelly voice. I’m not sure it’s right for AI, but I like it.

San Juan gets the Telenovella Treatment with a Chris Issacs sound track.

Commercial break: OMIGOD! Cyclopses! Nightmares!

A streak of bad performers in various cities: Kate Cassidy, Carlos, Antyon, slap dancer Jasmine, and Mike Perlman, whose stupid audition was not worth the air time.

And worth even less air time was San Juan jackass, Joel Contreras. The NYC version, Nick Mitchell (aka Norman Gentle) was, if anything, jackassier. Unfortunately, we’re going to see more of him.

To make up for it, we get quick peeks at Ashley Hollister (who shows great potential), a guy who might or might not be Kenny Hoffsomething (can’t read my own notes), and Paris Hilton clone, Kendall Beard.

Then we get more bad in the form of Nicole Laraway, Mark Granata in a weird wig, and Michael Someone (again with the bad handwriting).

SJ: Little brother Christopher loves his big sister, Monique Garcia Torres. He gives her pretty good singing advice (though he didn’t veto the red bubble dress). And WOW! I love her voice. And since she is not the last auditioner, there is actual tension as to whether or not she’ll go through, though it probably would not have hurt her to mature a bit before taking on the AI Juggernaut.

NYC: I recognized Alexis Cohen as soon as she flipped the double bird. She seems a tad less crazy, and a lot less glittery, than last year, but not a bit more talented.

SJ: And here we are with the last auditioner of not only the night, but of Season 8, so there is absolutely no doubt as to whether Patricia Lewis Roman will go to Hollywood, despite attempting The Whitney, which is never, ever, a good idea. She sounded better on her second song, in Spanish, so I am puzzled as to why Paula said no. Patricia’s family celebrates on the AI set, and Simon and Ryan remain the cutest couple in the world.

Overall, I think we saw a higher percentage of the good singers during these audition episodes, than usual, and only once did I hate myself for watching the bad ones, which is a distinct improvement over previous seasons. Next week starts the Hollywood rounds, which is when the show really begins for me. I am ready.

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