Monday, January 19, 2009

A bit of sports, a bit of sewing, a bit of knitting, a bit of crochet, and some serious work

I have one very happy Steeler Fan Son this morning (and a Giant Fan Son who is mostly happy for his brother), but the Steelers are going to have to play better and smarter than they did yesterday, if they want to win the Superbowl. (thus endeth our sports commentary for the month) (and maybe for the whole year).

Anyway, I finished the very soft, alpaca Chemo Hat for my friend's friend. It came out so well that my husband tried to claim it. I'll have to make one for him too (he's impossible to knit for- I'm delighted that he actually wants something handknit, though he doesn't want stripes, which means even more boring ribbing ahead).

And I crocheted a very simple poncho for my granddaughter's doll. She asked for one thusly: "you know, Grandma. Like that thing you made for me that's like a sweater but doesn't have sleeves and goes over your head". This poncho took about an hour to crochet (from a 50gr ball of worsted weight yarn), and she'll probably love it more than the Poodle Skirt Ensemble, which I think may be the cutest thing this side of baby kittens. Interestingly enough, the pattern didn't have a cutout for the poodle (though it did have the cutouts for the pumpkin costume. Go figure). We were directed, in small print, to buy a poodle appliqué, which wasn't possible out here in East Boonieville. But thanks to The Interwebs, I found a suitable poodle silhouette (from ) in about five minutes. I love The Interwebs.

Jillian (the doll) is good friends with 2 other dolls (and their owners), so I whipped up jammies/robes/slippers for them as well. Now all three can have happy sleepovers.

I am actually and honestly and seriously working on my book proposal today (and for the rest of this week), so there won't be any more sewing until I finish- but I have a pattern for a regular doll-size backpack, with a zipper and everything, that I am going to try next time I haul the sewing machine downstairs. That accessory will probably outweigh all of the poodle appliqués in the world.
Oh yeah, and if you see my granddaughter, don't tell her about the Poodle Skirt, or the coat from last week, or the tweedy blue sweater- those are all set aside for her birthday in March.


joannamauselina said...

Mum's the word! The poodle skirt is indeed incredibly cute! I had one myself once, but mine was blue.

CC said...

This morning on the news they were showing some of the Inauguration souvenirs and there were Obama paper dolls. Made me think of you.

I remember (more years ago than I care to admit to) getting caught up making Cabbage Patch doll clothes - lots of fun for very little money when you have a big scrap bag.

It looks like you're enjoying yourself make such cute things!

digran23 said...

What an interesting mix you've had! I promise not to tell about the doll clothes. Thanks for the link! My granddaughters will get some goodies that originate from there. Oh, and...GO STEELERS!!! Happy, Happy "Born in Pittsburgh Mama" here in Colts land!