Wednesday, January 14, 2009

returning to our regular programming...

I'll sneak a little fiber content here, in between American Idol shows (btw, if you want real snark, as opposed to the mild version I practice, check out the recaps on Television Without Pity. ).

I am progressing with the Twisted Mitered Square socks (I've finished the cuffs and am beginning the insteps), and am still so seriously in love with these colors that I want a cardigan made this way. That fever will pass, I am sure, and sanity will reign. No one in the world needs a sweater made from 19 st mitered squares, knit on size 2 needles, no matter how beautiful it would be.

I ordered some pattern books from Fancywork & Fashion ( ), for my granddaughter's 18" doll, and they arrived almost instantly. I am very pleased with the purchases. Designer Joan Hinds offers all kinds of books, patterns and pamphlets with designs ranging from contemporary fashion, to Halloween Costumes, to Wizard of Oz outfits, knit, crochet, sewing, to fit 18" American Girl-style dolls (and for some large baby dolls as well). I bought the little pamphlet Knit and Crochet Sweaters & Accessories for 18" Dolls specifically because it has a gorgeous Nordic Sweater design in it (with steeks and everything). But the book would be worth the purchase for the other designs as well: knit cardigan, pullover, Aran sweater, slippers, and assorted quickie crochet accessories. The patterns look to be well written and straight forward. I bought another pattern just for making Shoes, Slippers and Sandals (including the most adorable Bunny Slippers). And most amazing of all, a full color book called Home Decor for 18-inch Dolls, which has sewing patterns for 15 outfits (dresses, summer clothes) AND instructions and patterns for building 10 different room setting, along with instructions for sewing all the necessary accessories and linens. There are patterns/instructions for beds, tables, chairs, benches, wardrobes, china hutches and dressers. These designs are most seriously cute. If Grandpa and Daddy aren't interested in building some of these, I might give it a shot, myself. (edited to add about an hour later: I was wrong about the furniture in the book- the instructions are not for building the furniture, but rather for painting and decorating pre-made doll furniture from Walnut Hollow- none of which seems to be available any more. The book is still worth the price for the patterns, but I admit to being disappointed about the misunderstanding)(which was my fault).

But before I try-out any (or all) of these patterns, I want to finish a chemo hat. The good friend of a good friend of mine is going through a rough patch, and I figured he could use a warm and soft hat. This one is a simple 2x2 rib, knit from Knit Picks Alpaca, 120 sts on size 6 needles. After it's done and in the mail, there will be time enough to play with dollies.

On the wine front: the 6 gallons of Blackberry Melomel are still bubbling away in the carboy, and I forgot to mention that we started a 3-gallon batch of Muscat (sweet dessert wine) that sped through the primary so quickly, that it's already in the carboy. We would have started a 3-gallon batch of Chardonnay last night, but the hydrometer slipped through someone's fingers and shattered. So we're on new-wine hiatus until the replacement arrives.


Anonymous said...

I would love to try your mitered socks, but I do not seem to have the magic touch to get the pattern large enough and clear enough to read. Any suggestions?
I love your blog, by the way, but am glad I am a little further south of you today.Thanks, Dee

Kathleen Taylor said...

Hi Dee, here's the trick with the Freebie Friday pattern pages. First, save the page on your computer as a jpg file (click on the image to enlarge, then right click to save). Then open PAINT (if you're using a MAC, then you're on your own, though any graphics program will do pretty much the same thing). Open the file. Click on File. Click on Page Setup. And then in the Scaling section, click on Fit, and change the numbers to 1x1. You should be able to print the pages out full size that way.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information about the booklets. I just ordered the Knit and Crochet book. I haven't tried steeks and this would be a perfect way to try them.