Friday, January 30, 2009

Did someone say Freebie?

Yeah, I rashly promised a Freebie Friday pattern this week, but I didn't realize that AI would be on 3 nights, or that I was actually going to finish my book proposal in a burst of energy/desperation, or that I was just plain knitting slowly. In any case, I should have the 4 Simple Hats for an 18" Doll pattern up next Friday, right after I finish knitting the 4th hat.

But here are the first three: a plain beanie cap, an earflap hat with garter stitch band and pom-pom (added last night- I like the addition), and a long toboggan hat with a tassel. I have one more hat to finish, and then I can write the pattern up (they're all variations on the same easy design).

(side note- those are some spooky blue eyes on that doll. Very Talky Tina).

I hauled down the sewing machine yesterday and made a Princess Dress for The GrandGal's doll (from the Halloween Costume pattern). It turned out very well, but was a PITB- satin is never a fun fabric, and my feed dog has an appetite for organza, and the combo of the skirt/overskirt was bulky to gather and sew to the bodice. I won't be making 3 of these. I was willing to hand sew sequins and bangles on the overskirt, but could not find my stash (I must have put them away in a reorganizational fit that did not include remembering where), so I improvised with some glitter glue for a bit of sparkle. I used it sparingly because I didn't know if the glue would leak through the overskirt and make a mess. But it dried just fine. The crown is a double layer of felt (a single layer wasn't stiff enough for the points to stand up properly). I suppose I should make a sparkly wand while I'm at it. Oh wait, Princesses don't carry wands. Good.

Anyway, this is for her birthday, so ssshhhhhhhh!

On the Emma podcast front, Mr. Elton is getting married, and Frank Churchill has just arrived on the scene, and Emma herself is as clueless as ever. Someone should make a movie.


Mary Keenan said...

these are so CUTE, Kathi! whatta lucky grandgal.

Mona said...

You are a busy girl!!!!
The doll clothes are adorable!!!

Missy said...

I love the little hats how cute. Great job Grandma. You should make a book of doll patterns. =)

Anonymous said...

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