Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hats and Classic Lit

My friend Mary (Procrastination Diary, link to the lower right) has been knitting hats lately, and that sparked a desire in me to knit some hats as well. But since I'm still in Doll Clothes Mode, the hats I'm making are a great deal smaller, simpler, and a whole lot faster to knit.

I'm still using up leftover bits from some heavier Knit Picks sock yarn (discontinued), which makes me feel very virtuous as I play (stash reduction is A Good Thing). The first hat is a simple beanie (rolled cuffs are not stylin', so say the 7-9 year olds in my life). The 2nd hat is basically the same pattern, but with ear flaps and a garter stitch band. I think I'll put a pom-pom on the top of that hat. Using the same basic pattern, I'm also going to make a long toboggan hat, and one of those 4-corner hats (knit straight up, and then sewn together at the top). The finished hats look good and fit well, and I see no reason why the other two notions shouldn't work up fine too. If I get them all done in the next day or so, I could have them bundled and written up for a Freebie Friday post this week. We'll see how American Idol goes tonight and tomorrow (hard to knit and take snarky notes at the same time). (those are the clothes that came with the doll, btw, and the little rocking chair is one we picked up at a rummage sale for 50 cents about 20 years ago).

I've been listening to Emma (via Librivox podcasts) as I exercize every morning (6 days a week on the treadmill- 45 minute flat/incline walking routine alternated every other day with a 30 minute, 2 mile flat walk/jog, and then a 10 minute weight routine every day). Listening to the book is such a different experience from reading. I'm forced to go the speed of the reader, which means that a book that would take me a couple of days to zip through (especially on a reread), will take a month of morning workouts to finish, which means I pay a lot more attention to the story, and you know what? Emma (the character, not the whole book) is annoying. On the other hand, this is Austen, and even her annoying characters are fascinating, and I do know how it comes out, and Emma just pushed Mr. Elton away, and is beginning to recognize the errors of her ways, and I find myself looking forward to the workouts just to continue with the story.

Speaking of Emma, the best Emma movie adaptation is Clueless.

And how's the proposal going, you ask? Why, I finished it yesterday, and have only to spiff it up and then ship it off to my agent. Thanks for asking.


Dympna said...

I'm glad to hear someone else thought Emma was anoying when they listened to the audio book. I found myself yelling at her. LOL

LizzieHelen said...

You do know AI is also on Thursday this week? Jennifer at Idoling Along has a show schedule listed in her sidebar. Doesn't look like the real competition starts until mid-March.

Kathleen Taylor said...

thanks for the heads-up, LizzieHelen. I didn't know that (though I'm sure they'll tell us 80 or 90 times in the next two shows). I'll have my pen and pad ready.

Mona said...

The doll hats are way cute!! I am looking forward to Fridays pattern!!!!