Tuesday, June 16, 2009

...and your little dog too

Usually, I let a yarn or fabric to tell me what it wants to be, but I have a deadline on this one, so I couldn't wait for the Oz panels to get chatty. Instead, I just started cutting. I laid out the big panels in a sort of symmetrical arrangement, and then cut up pieces of the coordinating fat quarters and filled in the blank spots. And whaddyaknow... it turned out just fine, even without Dorothy's input.

I still have to put a wider cream on cream border around the whole piece (it's going to be about 55" x 62"- a nice lap/display quilt size), but otherwise, the top is finished. I haven't quite decided how to quilt it. If I had time, I'd do it by hand, but I don't have time. So machine it is, but I'm going to have to be all fancy schmancy with the sewing because I don't want to *texturize* the faces. It'll be an adventure.

P.S. the dark brown print and the one I'm using for the wide border were purchased locally (and they match perfectly- how lucky is that?), but the other prints and panels are all part of Quilting Treasures Wizard of Oz collection http://www.quiltingtreasures.com/content3834.html )

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Stacy said...

You put me to shame with all of your quilting. Love the top!