Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Back to Normal, Sorta

The grands just left, and so I have a quiet house. They'll be back in a week, but after that they're moving. A long way away. It's a good move and they will love where they're going, and we're very happy for the new opportunities and adventures, but Grandma is just a bit sad over the whole *halfway across the country* thing, so bear with me if I'm mopey for awhile.

There wasn't time for sewing this past week, what with farm visits, and swimming, and movies, and general romping, and hugs and kisses and Pride and Prejudice (and the absolute joy of introducing that story to a young reader), but I did get more knitting done than I expected. I'm making progress on the Grey Goose sweater. It's a lovely basketweave pattern, and the yarn is a super delicious blend of wool, silk and mohair called Creme Brulee (pattern and yarn both available from Decadent Fibers- link in Stash Enhancers).

I finally scored some Netherfield (speaking of P&P) from Twisted Fiber Arts. Netherfield has been #1 on my wish list since I started buying from Meg, and I am so happy to have a skein of Playful (heavy fingering weight). I give a lot of my handknit socks away, but this yarn is for Me Me Me! (I haven't checked for a few days, but last time I looked, there was still yarn and roving available from the latest Twisted update- link in SE as well).

I'm past the heel on the second Mitered Cuff Firefly sock and I love them.

And I've been able to listen a bit to Jerome K. Jerome's Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow. The unconnected essays that comprise the book are more amusing than outright funny (unlike Three Men in a Boat), but I'm enjoying it, though I will say that JKJ occasionally veers into Preachy with a side order of Long-Winded on a few of the chapters. The reader is excellent (Chekris? Chiklis? Chikrus?Check List? Chickets? it's hard to tell when I only hear the name without seeing it in writing). I might not run out and buy the print version of this book (as I did with Three Men), but it is worth the listen.

But I think before I do anything else, I'm going to take a nap. Grandma is tired.


Stacy said...

I'm glad you are getting a good amount of visit time before they move...

Fríða said...

great that you get to have your kids with you for a bit before they move away. and wonderful crafting going on as always with you. I´m in love with the mitered socks, think I may have to try them.
best wishes from Iceland

LizzieHelen said...

None of my grandchildren live nearby--6 are in Iowa (a 6 hour drive from Illinois)), 3 are in Tucson, and 3 are in LA. The ones in LA spend summer and Christmas with their mom in France, so we had not seen them in a year and a half--our travel-time availability did not coincide with their availability. We just came back from a 2 week drive across country to visit all of them. It's nice seeing the different parts of the country, but it is WAY too long between visits.