Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What Global Warming?

(and please, the header is a joke, not an invitation for anyone to *educate* me on the subject. I do believe in Global Warming. I do believe in Global Warming. I do believe in Global Warming).

The high temp so far today is 63 degrees (and that's F), which makes it warmer than yesterday and the day before, which were both in the 50's. I finally had to turn the pool heater off after my husband gently mentioned that spending more to heat the pool for one month than it cost to heat the whole house last winter is not a sensible allocation of funds. Of course, since I want the weather to be warmer, it's chilly. I remember one year, when our friend Jane visited from Portland on her birthday (which happens to be June 11), and it was 112 degrees. I'm not hoping for anything like that kind of heat, but the 80's would be okay. I get cranky when I can't get in the pool.

Since I'm indoors, and dry, I've been knitting and sewing again. I started a baby quilt (or a wall hanging, I'm not sure which), using the Royal Order pattern from the Aug 09 issue of American Patchwork Quilting, and Moda Merry and Bright Charm Packs (holiday themed). It's a lovely, and fairly simple, pattern- the blocks will have sashing between them, and I think I can get by with 12 or 16 (depending on the size of the sashings) and a border. It's just a quick and fun smaller project, and a good way to learn a new technique (making star motifs with folded corners). Since I'm beginning with 5" squares, and not strips, my cutting/construction is a bit different than the magazine directions, but the end result is the same.

I'll finish the Mitered Square Firefly socks soon, and I have just a couple of inches left on the body of the Grey Goose sweater before it's time to divide for the armholes. It's coming along swimmingly. (oh good, way to remind myself of swimming... sheesh)


JackieLemon said...

We haven't had a very warm start to our summer, either. It's been in the high 60's and even for Buffalo, that's
cold for this time of year. We usually have our pool opened before Memorial Day and right now it is not even filled. We get cooler nights in August so the window of opportunity for swimming is getting smaller and smaller. I feel your pain!!

Mona said...

I am wanting warmer weather to.
But my garden needs the rain!!!!
Some times it is hard to know what to wish for!!!!

Teish said...

So, the totally amazing quilt pictured is from AP&Q August 2009? Is it on the newsstands now? I HAVE to make that quilt! I HAVE to, JUST HAVE TO, make that quilt! (My sister and I just inherited our late Mother's fabric stash that is really the size of a small quilt shop. I need to find something to do with all of this great fabric!)

Geek Knitter said...

Swimmingly... HAH! (sprry, couldn't resist.

Love love love the colors on those socks!

Kathleen Taylor said...

Jackie and Mona: I'm sure we'll skip the nice stuff altogether, and go right into 100 degree days. oh well...

Teish: yep, that's the issue. It's on the stands now. I love how my project is coming out (more pics tomorrow).

GeekKnitter: I love all of the Twisted Fiberarts colorways, but this one (Firefly) is especially gorgeous.