Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tudoring Myself

I've always been fascinated with The Tudors- not admiring, mind you, just amazed that so many cataclysmic changes came about because Henry couldn't manage to sire a son with Catherine of Aragon. My guess is that a break with the Catholic Church would have happened regardless, but not then, and not that way. How would the world be different if he had? Or if any of the Tudors had been more prone to the Y chromosome ( their only choices in the family were Mary, Elizabeth, Mary of Scotland, Lady Jane Grey...)(and we know what happened to the last two).

The latest fascination with Henry, et al, was triggered by watching the first 2 seasons of The Tudors ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0758790/ ), which played fast and loose with a lot of the history (including keeping Henry young and buff long past his young/buff expiration date), but which also made me sympathetic enough with Anne Boleyn to cry just a bit at her execution.

I went from there to Anne of a Thousand Days ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0064030/ )- where Richard Burton made a much more historically accurate Henry, and Genvieve Bujold a totally unbelievable Anne (with 60's hair, regardless of historical era). One thing these fictional accounts all agree on: Thomas Boleyn was a monster- willing to sacrifice three of his children for his own financial gain. That and C of A rocked the unibrow.

Blockbuster bundled Anne M with Mary Queen of Scots ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0067402/
) , which I am watching now, starring a very young and beautiful Vanessa Redgrave and Glenda Jackson. I'm not very far into it, but it's good.

I also have A Man for All Seasons ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0060665/) on hand, which, at least as far as the cast list goes, tells the story of Henry and Thomas Moore without mentioning Anne at all.

And coming, The Six Wives of Henry VIII (
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0066714/ ) which is a BBC mini series from 1970.

And what am I doing as I watch all of the Tudor excesses? Finishing Orion's Socks (which do not want to photograph well- maybe those colors confuse the autofocus), and starting a pair of mitered cuff socks from Twisted Playful leftover yarns. I decided, a little late in the game, that I want a new pair of socks for each day of the Sock Summit- despite the fact that Portland in August is absolutely not wool sock weather. I already have 2 pairs done (the Entrelac socks, and Orion's), I'll have the mitered cuff socks done before we leave on vacation in less than 2 weeks, and that just leaves one more pair to knit, which I can do on the road. I haven't knit this many pairs for me in a row since I first gave myself permission to spend money on sock yarn. I have to say that I'm enjoying it enormously.
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Geek Knitter said...

It's true that it won't be wool-sock weather in Portland... except maybe in an over air-conditioned convention center. :)

Jan said...

fancy schmancy socks! I love them...
Jan H (MA)

cadidier said...

Everytime someone writes about Sock Summit, I sob a bit... I have to work that weekend.

I'll bet your new socks will all be big hits! YOU made me buy the Orion Socks pattern - they are soooo beautiful! Thanks for all your socky inspiration.

Karen said...

ADORE those socks -- and I share your fascination with the Tudors, though I don't think I've ever done my own private Tudor film festival! You might also enjoy the book "The Autobiography of Henry VIII," which really captures Henry's narcissism and insecurity, while not downplaying his (sometimes bizarre) excesses. Of the Tudors on film, I still love "Elizabeth R," the Glenda Jackson mini-series from the early 1970s.