Monday, June 15, 2009


I would have made a pun on the word entrelac (I was thinking of something along the lines of entre vous et moi, but my French is nonexistent, and I don't want to look more stupid than usual). So, no puns this morning.

But I do have a finished entrelac sock cuff to show you all. Once you get going, the process is almost mindless- fiddly but not complex. The color changes in the Twisted Kabam Leisure yarn aren't quite matched to the rows, so here and there we have matching colors together (especially where you have to turn and work back the other direction at the end of a round), but the tones are subtly mottled and they all look so good together, that it doesn't really matter.

The instructions are a little sketchy (pattern link in yesterday's post), and I'm still not sure that I did the ending triangles properly because I worked an additional decrease in each triangle beyond what the pattern called for because it seemed like they each needed one there. But they look okay, and I don't want 66 sts on the foot/heel anyway (I knit my socks on 2.75mm needles with 56-60 sts). The foot will be striped, which will play off the entrelac nicely, I think. (note: the colors in today's scan are closer to the actual yarn colors than yesterday's pic).

I finished the heel (with the coordinating yarn) of the first sock, and then decided to cast on the mate while the process was fresh in my mind. I intend to take/wear these at the Sock Summit (despite the fact that August in Portland can be searing) (I have never been so excited for August to arrive).

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Peglett said...

The sock looks great! I'm going to sock summit too, and was wondering how we are going to show off our socks while in summer attire. Although the convention center will have A/C.