Friday, June 5, 2009

The Field Report, Farm, Finishings, and Fellows

The Grands and I walked up the road a bit, to take a picture of the newly sprouted corn this morning. We decided that the tiny baby corn plants looked very unlike tiny baby corn plants. In fact, they look remarkably like soybeans. My guess is that they are soybeans. Two years in a row. Imagine that. (likely planting was late this year due to snow, floods, cold, wet and rain, so there may not have been time for even short-season corn to mature). Soybeans are interesting to watch too, though not quite so majestic, and except for the musical fruit ditty, there aren't many rhyming touchstones for beans (unlike the old knee-high by the 4th of July thing). We'll work on that.

Last night, we visited a real farm and saw a real cowboy (there are plenty of Fauxboys in South Dakota too, but TJ is the real thing), and fed some real goats, and petted some real horsies, and held some real barn kitties, and saw a real farm dog with only 3 legs (and like a real farm dog, having fewer than the usual complement of legs didn't hamper him a bit), found some real eggs (beautiful natural colors- I want yarn in that green) in real nests, and stepped in a goodly amount of real poop. The Grands aren't exactly City Kids, but they're not Ag Babies either, so it was a pretty exciting outing for them (though disappointing in that Grandma has no intention of letting those eggs hatch).

Voracious Reader and I finished Pride and Prejudice last night. "I told you so," Voracious Reader said to me when we closed the book. "I am good at finding clue words." And indeed, she is.

I finished the first Firefly mitered cuff sock, and am delighted with how it came out. I'm not so delighted with taking pictures of my own feet (especially wearing a sock that is not intended for me, and therefore too big), but the new camera does a wonderful job of outdoor shots. You can even see the grass between the deck slats.

My current Librivox audio book is Jerome K. Jerome's Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow, and I am enjoying it thoroughly. The reader isn't Martin Clifton, but he's pretty darn good. I'll have to find a print copy of this book too.


Geek Knitter said...

Fauxboys... how have I lived in The West for most of my life and never heard of that one?

Kay-From the Back Yard said...

Love the socks!