Friday, June 12, 2009

The Field Report and Merry Runners

We have had an unseasonably cool June (a couple of days in the 80's, but lately, we've been lucky to hit 70, and a few days were in the 50's), and only a little rain, so the soybeans aren't growing very quickly. But they have a few more leaves than last week, and soon, it'll look like a field of something, rather than teeny green lines.

While I was contemplating whether to make a baby quilt or a holiday themed wall hanging with the Royal Order quilt blocks (Moda Merry and Bright Charm Pack fabric- bought for half price, neener neener), I remembered that I also picked up a couple of coordinating Merry and Bright panels. One has a large motif and several smaller squares echoing the designs in the Charm Pack fabrics- the kind of thing that you cut apart and use with other blocks, which is fun but not what I wanted for this project. But the other panel is... get this... a table runner! A table runner that is exactly the size I need as backing for the 8 quilt blocks that I have already done. So, a table runner it is.

And a very pretty table runner it will be. I'm following the pattern and putting teeny little stars on the sashing as well. It's not a difficult process but it is tricky because, unlike the quilt in the magazine, each of my teeny stars is a different color, which means that I have to be very careful which end of which sashing piece gets which folded corners. It should not surprise you to know that I got the colors wrong in several places before I laid the whole thing out on the floor and stopped trying to assembly-line it. I should get the rest of the runner assembled today, and maybe the whole thing sandwiched (I've been looking for a hand-quilting project, but I don't know if this is the right one- lots of seams to work around in this design). I have some nice green fabric to use as binding.

This project is a good stash buster- it's using up almost all of both of the Merry and Bright Charm packs, plus the table runner panel, plus a about a yard of sashing/block fabric (which was, in itself, left over from the backing of a larger quilt), plus the binding (all of which I had on hand). I feel really virtuous about that.

And I am almost done with the Firefly mitered square socks, but I decided that a shot of an additional stripe on the foot was boring. I will probably have a Finished Pair pic tomorrow.

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