Sunday, June 7, 2009

Grey Goose

I started the Grey Goose sweater yesterday- you can actually see how yummy soft this yarn is. It's Decadent Fibers ( ) Creme Brulee, which is 50% Merino, 30% Silk, and 20% Mohair, and it's going to have a lovely, soft, low halo. It's dyed in the Grey Goose colorway, gorgeous subtly mottled greys. The body of the sweater is basketweave, and the collar is cabled, and it's 100% gorgeous. Yarn, pattern, and kit are available from the gals at Decadent. Despite hosting a sleepover for girls aged 7, 8, and 9 last night, I managed to knit several inches on the body.
Speaking of Decadent, check out the exclusive sock pattern that I designed for them, which is included free with their new Savory Sock Yarn (90% superwash Merino, 10% nylon). This is lovely sock yarn- soft and durable.(

And while I'm bragging, Decadent Fibers is offerring a kit for the Dakota Wheat shawl that I designed for The Prayer Shawl Companion. Info about all of the patterns and kits on the Decadent Fibers home page. Link for The Prayer Shawl Companion book on the right of this page.

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