Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another Stash Busting Notion

I came home from errands the other day and found a bag on my porch, with some old candlewicking yarn, and this page, torn from a catalog:
There was no company name on the page, but I typed in the link, and found Gardener's Supply, which looks like the sort of place where I can waste a lot of time just clicking links and dreaming.

At any rate, I'm sure that my friend Lorah dropped this off for me because of the felted wool bird houses. I have to admit that the notion is intrigueing- I still have a huge stash of fiber, and those look pretty cute (though I don't think hanging houses would survive in our winds).

How do you suppose they were made? Each one was felted individually, obviously, over a form. But what kind of form was used? A balloon wouldn't hold up to vigorous felting, and a solid sphere would not be removable. This looks like a fun (wet, finger pruney) craft to do with The Grands, if I can figure out how they were made. All suggestions welcome.

In the evenings, after I finish writing the Chapter of the Day (they're short chapters), I'm still plugging away at the Blue Moon socks. I can't say that I love this color combo, or the very vivid striping, but the socks are mindless fun to knit. They'll be good Holiday Socks.


Anonymous said...

I bet you'll love them on Christmas morning!!!

Maggie (since I can't remember the pssword)

Nancy said...

I have felted over a balloon-even in the washing machine. Although it was a 9-inch balloon, I only inflated it to about a 6 inch diameter. It held up fine. A hollow playball can also be used, but it has to be cut into pieces small enough to remove from the opening of the birdhouse-definitely a tedious chore.

Anonymous said...

I recently felted some pumpkins in my frontloader.. they require knitting a balloon shape, then watching them closely in the machine to make sure they don't felt the sides together - then stuff with plastic bags and let dry. I bet you could do something similar to make the bird houses.

Pumpkins raveled here...

Annie said...

I'm guessing that there is still infrastructure inside the felted birdhouse. Otherwise, when it rained, it would lose it's shape and ruin the nest inside. Also, the idea of felt alone for a birdhouse would not be healthy for the birds, for the same reason. When wet, it would become a moldy mass that would start to rot, and cause illness.

Nancy said...

My previous comment was made with the assumption that the birdhouses were made from felted fiber, but then I went to the website and I zoomed in on the picture. There are places that seem to have textured circles, especially in the bottom birdhouse. Now I am wondering if they were crocheted first, then fulled.