Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Before I buckle down

Before the nose hits the grindstone, I made progress on the Mitered Square Hat:

I've finished the brim, and have picked up the stitches for the crown. I'll work four rounds of stockinette, and then begin the decreases. The bottom edge is nice and even, so I won't add a border unless I need some more length.

On the stove last night: Fannie Farmer Fudge, with an experimental Sea Salt version. Oh my.... sprinkle the buttered pan with a very light amount of salt- not a coating- and then pour the hot fudge on top of it. If you've had salt chocolate, use about that amount (just enough to taste but not enough to overwhelm- it may take a bit of experimentation to find the right balance). And use a mild granulated white salt, not flavored or smoked. I went with Korean Isle Fleur de Sel from The Meadow, which may not be available online. This will substitute nicely.

p.s. no, it's not a low-carb recipe...

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