Friday, November 12, 2010

Thursday Tab on Friday- Patience and Prudence, Abbott

As long as we're on a Patience and Prudence kick (the singing sister duo from the 50's), I thought I'd post the original. I don't own this set- these scans were cobbled together from a couple of friends' sets, and I had to enlarge some of the scans so the clothes were on the same scale. The dolls have the same position as last week's reprint, but totally different clothes (and I still think that the poses were at least *inspired* by the Merrill Cathy Goes to Camp set, posted a couple of weeks ago). Abbott was a subsidiary of Lowe publishing.

Please note that this is the authorized edition... none of that unauthorized stuff for us, nosiree...

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Mary Wilson said...

They are holding basset hounds! No wonder they were famous!!