Thursday, November 11, 2010

Travelin' On

I have 2 rows left on the Traveling Woman shawl, which I will finish tonight. I also hope to wet block and pin it out, so I can take the finished shawl to knitting tomorrow.
It's going to be strikingly beautiful, I think. Though, as with all lace, we won't know what it *really* looks like until after blocking.

My teeny criticism of the pattern (not charting the beginning and ending stitches) still stands, but truly, it's an easy lace pattern and it's more than likely that my own fuzzy-brainedness interfered with my ability to remember to K2, YO at the beginnings or endings of a couple of rows. My biggest problem with this project has nothing to do with the pattern or my brain's spotty functioning- it's that this beautiful yarn is totally inelastic, and the needles I'm using are fairly blunt. That combo makes some of the SSK (or as I prefer: K2togTBL) and K2tog stuff needlessly difficult. If I had a sharper needle in the right size/length, I'd switch in a flash. But I don't, therefore I complain.

By tomorrow morning, I hope to have a pic of the finished shawl, which may be a world record for begin-to-end on a project of this size (mostly because it's not a big shawl, and because I can't do much else except knit and cough).

Speaking of coughing- for those who have asked: I'm feeling better, slowly but surely. I'm done with the antibiotic, and will finish the Prednisone in 3 days. I'm stuck with the inhaler for a full month, but as much as I hate it, I'd hate pneumonia even more. The hardest thing now is to refrain from exercise- even walking on the treadmill leaves me drained and coughing, so the best and wisest course of action is to give myself a week to rest. But after exercizing 6 days a week for three years, and running 3 miles a day for the last year, I feel like a slug just sitting around (not to mention that I have not cut 400 daily calories to compensate for the lack of motion). However, my improvement is steady, and I hope to be back to full speed by the time I throw that blasted inhaler away.

P.S. You want evidence of the fuzzy brain? I forgot that it was Thursday. Again. I'll post the paper doll tomorrow. Sorry.


Kathy said...

I love the Traveling Woman, I also have this same pattern on my needles now. In fact it appears we are using a similar color! I am using Malabrigo Silky Merino in Campote #404. I am looking forward to seeing yours completed (~:

Kate/Massachusetts said...

When the body is sick, it needs more calories to fight the nasties so I wouldn't worry about the 400 calories! Just make sure you get lots of liquids and plenty of rest. Lots of TLC now will mean getting back to normal faster in the long run! 'Course I've also been told that lots of chocolate is the best cure for anything!

Kathleen Taylor said...

Kathy- your shawl sounds lovely. I finished mine and will post pics on Saturday.
Kate- I like your reasoning!