Friday, November 26, 2010

Okay, now I'm thankful

I was going to write a cheery little post yesterday, about how thankful I am for all of you, but I woke up with a migraine, and that sort of set the tone for my day.

I was quite old before I realized that I've always had sporadic migraines. When I was a kid, I'd get them after marathon reading sessions (we're talking 8 hours on the top bunk, reading an entire Nancy Drew on a Saturday). We called them Sick Headaches, because I would, you know, get sick, but we didn't know that there was an official word for them. As an adult, I learned (oh so slowly) that chocolate, exhaustion, and dehydration would trigger them. I did my best to avoid all three (and only reintroduced chocolate to my diet in the last few years, with no ill effects). But over the last eight or nine years, they lessened (as my hormones disappeared), and I hadn't had a migraine since the night before my Grandson was born. He'll turn 7 in a few months.

I thought I was done with them.

Unfortunately, I was wrong, though as migraines go, yesterday's was minor- my guess is that the culprit was exhaustion (writing 2/3 of a book in 3 weeks while recovering from bronchitis, and that the minor-ness was aided by my age and lack of hormones)(good riddance to them, I say). My head didn't explode and the nausea only lasted for 5 hours. My younger sister has them much worse (she carries a hypodermic with her and is allowed to self-inject), so I've always considered myself lucky (comparatively). Needless to say, the big turkey blowout with the houseful of people was out of the question. The Hub packed up the food and it all went over to my son's house, where they had a wonderful time, with my absolute blessing. I slept, when I wasn't, you, know, getting sick...

But today, today I'm tired but feeling so much better (the day after a migraine goes away is always a good day because you don't have a migraine and you have been forcefully reminded how good that feels. We frequently fail to appreciate not throwing up). So today I will say how thankful I am for you all, not just on the fourth Thursday in November, but every single day. I love those of you who post in the comments, and I love those of you who just read (take a peek at the hit counter- we're closing in on 500K hits- nothing short of amazing).

Thanks all of you for being there!


joannamauselina said...

I have the same migraine history - with the chocolate triggers an all. Like yours, mine are now mostly gone and I eat chocolate freely. I do have the occasional one, but it is not even an annual event. Mine were not as bad as yours (or my daughter's or granddaughter's) for which I am very thankful. I had such an awful day working as a nurse yesterday, that I almost (not quit) would have preferred a migraine.

Fríða said...

ouch, migraines are something of the worst thing in the world. but, have you tried acupuncture? I had weekly migraine attacks as a teenager and young woman. then, I had acupuncture, six sessions, didn´t have an attack for a whole year, got one rather minor attack, went back and had one session of acupuncture and haven´t had anything resembling a migraine since, that was 18 years ago.
hope you stay healthy now.
best wishes from Iceland

Karen said...

Oh, Kathi--how miserable! Like you, I've had migraines all my life, and they've all but disappeared since the hormones saddled up and left town. But I know exactly what you mean about appreciating the day after an attack. Hope you don't see another migraine for a good long time!

Kate/Massachusetts said...

I hope they saved you lots of leftovers! :-) Now, would you believe, the word verification for this post is "abitipsy" (a bit tipsy, get it?) which, sadly, I am not!