Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Charlie Hearse

See what I did up there? These leg cramps are killers. Get it? I crack myself up sometimes.

Anyway, thanks everyone for the suggestions for dealing with the cramps. I am going to follow Kate's advice and consult with the doctor (if for no other reason than to give her an anecdotal connection between Symbicort and the cramping), and then I'll try several of the suggested remedies. I put a bar of soap under the sheets (hey- in my house, we buy warts from each other to get rid of them, and it works. I'm not above using magic), and I'm drinking a Tonic and Sam's Choice Water right now. If the Dr says it's okay, I'll take a potassium supplement (bananas are forbidden fruit in our version of Diabetesville).

Speaking of Tonic Water- I am new to the ways of tonic, and had no idea that there was such a thing as Diet Tonic Water, though I'm glad it exists (90 calories and 24 gr of carb per serving of the regular? I think not). I would not be able to drink this unadulterated (and I'm not in the mood for Gin at the moment), so mixing it with the Sam's Choice helps. There's still a bitter aftertaste, sort of like the white pulp under the skin of a grapefruit, but otherwise, it's palatable. And if it'll help lessen the cramps, I'll drink it straight.

In the meantime, work progresses apace on the YA Fantasy, and I'm down to the foot on the second Netherfield sock.

And Shopko, a local discount store, has the coolest linkable letter Christmas ornaments in stock this year.
You buy the pieces individually, and then assemble them to make words and phrases. I picked up enough to make everyone's name (though it took multiple trips, since in my fuzzy-brain stage, I managed to forget several vowels, and a couple of consonants, entirely). Are these fun, or what?

And as a carrot (per Mary), this book (all signed and inscribed and everything) is waiting for me when I finish the YA. I dare not crack the spine until I write The End. However, it is calling me... I am trying to be strong...


Teish said...

Hope some of those leg cramp remedies work for you! This won't prevent them, but when you do have a cramp, try pressing the sole of your foot to either a cold floor or wall. That's what I do for the terrible ones I get during pregnancy. For whatever reason, it gets rid of them quickly.

Love those ornaments! So cute! Wish I could find something like that up here in the sticks. :-) Maybe I can find them online. You can find ANYTHING online, right?

joannamauselina said...

Buying and selling warts is not magic. It's real! And it works every time. I charge a quarter for mine. Actually, I seldom get them any more, but I buy them from family members and friends for a quarter.