Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday Tab- Lowe Mother and Daughter

And here's yet another reprint of Patience and Prudence (and Dress Up Dolls). The dolls now have blonde hair, but they have the same poses. This was a cut set, and most of the clothes are the same as in the Patience and Prudence book. But there are a few other outfits as well (which makes me think that there was probably more than one version of P&P as well, one with more pages of clothes, since these extras are very nicely drawn).

I also have no date for this book (I just have the scans, not the actual paper dolls- the scans came from a friend), but I am pretty sure that it came out before Dress Up Dolls, since the clothes in Dress Up were completely redrawn, and much more in the 60's style.


Millie Motts said...

I'll take one of the pink polka dot dresses! Fun!

Janet B Williams said...

Thanks Kathleen - these are great.