Saturday, September 3, 2011

Beats the Halla outta me...

Sorry, I can barely resist a good pun, and I don't even try to resist a bad one. That was a bad pun.

I met Helen the way you meet people online- we were both friends of another wonderful person (who I have never met in real life... oh wait, maybe I did meet Suzze at a Bouchercon or Mayhem in the Midlands... anyway) who thought that we should get together, beings that we both like mysteries, and we both like to knit, and we both like to spin. And Helen, as Halla, makes wonderful original spindles from polymer clay!

Suzze was right- Helen and I hit it off, and after looking through her spindle designs, I knew that I not only wanted one for myself (even before I ventured back into spindle-spinning mode), but also for each of the Grandgirls, who are all new spinners- because, amazing of all amazings, in and amongst the wonderful Halla catalog, were spindles that reflected 3 of the 4 girls' totems.

These arrived yesterday! I'm keeping the dragonfly for myself. But the rest are already put away as Christmas presents. Frog Girl, Ladybug Girl, and Bee Girl will all be thrilled come December.

The spindles are largish- about 2 1/2"-3" across, with a 10" or longer shaft. They're beautiful and sturdy and balanced. The girls are not yet spinning fine yarns, and these spindles will be perfect for their work. I like a heavier spindle for making sturdy yarns and for plying, which is what I'll be using mine for. I should mention that the ladybug spindle is a prototype and not in general production. Helen generously included it because I told her that one of the Grands collected lady bug items.

Though there are many many designs that will please Voracious Reader (the one who sparked the spinning craze among her cousins), I'm waiting a bit before I order her spindle because Helen just might... maybe... hint hint... design a spindle with a book/reading theme. If so, I'll be on that in a flash.

If you're on Facebook, *like* the Halla page- you'll find descriptions, pictures, and info for ordering spindles. Most of that stuff is also on the website, along with a contact e-mail for further questions. You can order spindles directly from her, or from one of several vendors (including The Woolery).


Melissa ~ twoknitwit said...

those are wonderful, Kathi, but I think I still love your handmade that you shared this summer on the blog even better

the girls and I are heading over to The Artful Ewe in Pt Gamble tomorrow for a birthday celebration (mine!) and to do a little shopping

I'm thinking of purchasing my very first spindle and some fiber to goof around with ~ I'm so intrigued and fascinated by the craft!

Melissa (twoknitwit)

Suzze said...

Kathleen, I am not sure if we have met either! Back in the day when I went to a lot of mystery conferences (pre being broke LOL)we very well might have. But, I have met so many wonderful mystery people over the years that the line has faded between who I have actually met, and who I have just become good friends without a face-to-face connection. Either way, I do consider you a friend, and NOT just in the Facebook sense!!

Betty: Reflections with Coffee said...

This is a sheer delight to read, I've met both Halla and Suzze. In fact I've been fortunate to be in their homes. Suzze and I travel together to see Cirque shows. Both are awesome women, among the best.