Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday Tab- Easter Dolls by Maurieta Wellman

Again, no info on this doll, or where or when she appeared. But she was drawn by Maurieta Wellman, and she's lovely.

Also, Blog Reader and Paper Doll Fan Jackie, has provided the following info on last week's puzzlement (the instructions to glue cloth to the back of the paper doll): I can tell you why the magazine paper dolls often told you to glue them to cloth.  They were sometimes printed on pretty thin paper.  Gluing on a cloth backing before cutting out caused these paper toys to last longer.  Later, cardboard was often suggested for the same purpose.  Whenever the doll and the clothes are printed on the same paper you have the problem of keeping the doll stiff enough but keeping the tabs bendable.  If the doll isn't stiff enough she slumps.  If the tabs are too stiff they break off.  So a cloth backing was a good solution at the time your doll was printed.

Thanks Jackie! That makes perfect sense.

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Peg said...

Can someone tell me if Maurietta Wellman ever painted a lovely Santa face on what appears to be an ash tray? He has a Holly leaf in his beard. It is beautiful. It is signed on the front bottom with her signature and dated 1965. I am at a Goodwill store in Indianapolis IN. my email is thanks