Monday, September 19, 2011

NCFF 2011- The Last Bits

Yesterday was great, but exhausting. I made it home, and went to bed early, and left the rest of the recapping until today.

Like all Fiber Festivals, NCFF is run, organized, and kept on track and on time by a dedicated group of volunteers who spend an entire year getting this thing rolling, and then work through the whole weekend, with nary a moment to sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labors.
 Marty took over workshop scheduling, a gargantuan task. There were more classes and more classrooms and more workshops than ever, and she did a great job!
 Dianne spent most of the weekend at the info desk, dishing out info to any and all who needed it. I do wish I'd gotten pics of Brandy, Malissa, Kelly, Marie, Rick, Jean, Lorna, and all the others who did so much so that the rest of us could have such a wonderful weekend. My thanks go to all of them!
 I sort of broke my own moratorium, buying more fiber than I have in the last two years, but I simply could not resist this BFL from JL Yarnworks (link under Stash Enhancers). Jackie dyed this roving, and it's the softest, most beautiful BFL I've ever spun. She also designed (and sells) these great little hand-made tags. Not only is there room for the knitter's name, and info about the item itself, the back lists all of the washing and care options (you circle the relevant choices). It's a brilliant idea. Aleta VanKampen made the little crocheted beaded bag- it's made to hold the spinning oil bottle on the wheel. She gave it to me as a good luck talisman. I love it!
 My Mitered Square Cuff class went extremely well, with Ellen, McKe, and Corinne. Corinne used to go to my knitting group in Aberdeen, but she moved away a couple of years ago. I loved reconnecting.
 Remember that I entered a couple of my projects in the competition? Though it didn't win a prize, the rankings on my hooked sheep chair cushion were fine.
And I entered Cassy's Wedding Shawl.  You might also remember that I said that it had no chance of winning, any ribbons, and that the join was decidedly not invisible, which the judges would surely notice?
They did.

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