Saturday, September 17, 2011

NCFF Day 2

As always, I don't know how real teachers do it. I have wonderful students who learn quickly, absorb  information well, ask great questions, and give me exactly the kind of feedback that I need to make my workshops better. In addition to that, I have taught some of these classes 6 or 8 times already, so I know the drill inside and out. And yet, by the end of the second day of teaching, even a day where I only taught a 2 hour class and played the rest of the time, I am totally worn out. It's a good kind of worn out, mind you, but I'm worn out just the same.

That said, it was a marvelous day.
 This sign greeted me as I left my motel this morning. As Teish says- there's a book in there somewhere.
 I did not buy this raw Cormo fleece. I wanted to, but I did not.
 This Angora on the Hoof is truly not Satan's Minion- he just has very blue eyes.
 Ann crocheted the most adorable carrot scarf.
 I did not buy the raw fleece. I did, however, buy this camel down roving. It is even softer than it looks.
 Here I am, at my noon booksigning.
 This is the very first time I have ever spotted one of my designs in the wild. Someone made the Grazing Sheep felted bag from I Heart Felt and entered it in the competition. I am truly honored.
 I'm sorry for the poor quality of some of the photos- both my camera and my phone misbehaved today. But here are some exceptionally bright future pattern writers.
 And a few more. I know we'll be hearing amazing things from them soon.
And I bought some Coopworth roving, dyed in the Tuscan Sun colorway. Gorgeous, no? And I finished spinning and plying the skein on the left with my wheel today.

I stayed for the banquet and door prize give-aways but snuck out before the end of the fashion show. My day was fantastic, full of fun and laughter with old friends and new, but it was time to head back to my room and veg for awhile.

Tomorrow, I can play in the morning again, and then after lunch, I'll be teaching the Mitered Square Cuff class, which I think is plumb full. After that, I will gather my things (and whatever I buy tomorrow- and you all know that I am going to buy something), and I'll head home. I'm already sad that NCFF is almost over.

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coconuthead said...

Oh, I wanted that camel roving sooo badly --- and I really don't know why I didn't pick it up. I'd spent so much money already, what would that little extra have mattered?

Nice to see you and the legendary dragon shawl.