Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Toy

Yesterday was my knitting group's Christmas Party, which is always fun. And I came home with more than a cool holiday cheese plate and knife- I also picked up this:
I wasn't exactly in the market for another wheel- I love love love my Ashford Joy, and I already have my old Ashford Traddy (which I had shipped over from New Zealand back in the late 70's). But, a couple of months ago, a good friend let me know that another acquaintance had a Babe wheel for sale, at an exceptionally reasonable price (read: one of those deals that you can't pass up). It took us several months to get together since Facebook insisted on stashing her messages to me in a spam folder. But finally, yesterday, we met up, and I brought Babe home.

I gave her a test run last night. I have to say that she's not a wheel that I will spend a lot of time with- she's noisy and there aren't very many fine controls. But, she's a fully functional wheel, light, sturdy, and best of all, pretty much indestructible, which means she's perfect for The Grandgirls (my Joy is adjusted exactly to my liking and I am loathe to let others, even my most darling others, fool with her).

So, when The Girls are ready to move on from their spindles, I'll be ready!


Chery said...

Yay, passing on the addiction! Lucky girls.

Unknown said...

I love that your grand daughter is learning and loving all things woolie. I learned at my Gramma's knee (just knitting...)
Have a wonderful Christmas. I really enjoy reading your blog.