Monday, October 1, 2007

It never gets old

I've been a published writer/designer for 27 years, and I still get an absolute thrill of delight when I see my stuff in print- or in this case, on the back cover of a catalog. I got my copy of Knit Picks' October catalog, with my Road Work and Watermelon sweater designs in it. The little models they have wearing the sweaters are adorable, and I've been showing the catalog off to everyone I've seen today (mostly consisting of my husband, son, and the lady at the post office).

It might not be there tomorrow, but right now, my Palette Sampler Fair Isle sweater is on the front page of the Knit Picks site. Double the chuffiness.


B said...

Wow! That is exciting =)

Kat said...

YAY for you!
I love that watermelon sweater. Now I just need to see if my daughter (she's 6) would like it....