Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sock City On the Road

I was on the road a lot last week- picking up a younger sister from the Sioux Falls airport (185 miles away), and then a sisters and husbands weekend trip across the state to Deadwood (old-time Gambling town). When I'm on the road, I knit. And what I knit on the road is socks. I didn't knit all of these socks this weekend, but I finished several pairs (I didn't knit much while in Deadwood because I was too busy sight seeing and giving money to slot machines, which failed to return the favor).

I highly recommend visiting Mt. Rushmore in the fall- you have the place almost to yourself. Ditto Crazy Horse. It is much better to contemplate history (both the good and the bad), nature, and the amazing force of the sculptors' personalities without 10,000 people elbowing you aside.

I finished Magic 28, #10- knit with heavier yarn (I needed size 6 needles this time, and even those were a tad small for this yarn). This is some of my friend Dana's hand-dyed yarn.

I also got all 3 pairs of Christmas socks done for my grandkids- all variations on a theme, with the smallest pair being the goofiest. I think the variegated yarn might have been an Online yarn, the solid blue is Phildar, the Solid red is Fortissima. My sock recipe for kids: Size 2 needles, sockweight yarn

Size 1-2: 56 sts, cuff whatever length you want, heel over 28 sts, foot 4 1/2" from heel, star toe
Size 12-13: 56 sts ribbing, dec to 54 for cuff, heel over 26 sts, foot 4" from heel, star toe
Size 10: 56 sts ribbing, dec to 54 for cuff, heel over 26 sts, foot 3 1/2" from heel, star toe.

The other pair is also Fortissima Colori (like the Opal Mexiko)- I love these colorways, and bought an entire bag a few years ago, and am slowly knitting them up.


Melanie said...

I love those green variegated socks! Someday, I will get the courage to try socks myself.

Carol said...

Love all of the colorful socks.

Slot machines don't reciprocate for me either. I always tell my husband I should just mail the casino a check and save the trip.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting up the pic of Mt. Ruchmore. I miss my beautiful Black Hills and hope to move back there someday....

Kathleen Taylor said...

Melanie- socks are just a closed tube with a bend in the middle. They're the easiest thing to knit, after scarves. Give it a shot.

Carol- I think the slots knew that we didn't really approve, so they just ate our money unceremoniously. Others in our party won all weekend though.

Sandy- we had a perfect day for Mt. Rushmore- sunny, warm, mild, and no one else around. It was perfect for viewing and contemplating.