Monday, October 22, 2007

Sock City

I babysat beautiful grandchildren this last weekend, but that still left time for knitting (they go to bed early... heh...). I finished Magic 28, pair #9, using leftover yarn from the Niblet Socks (one of the early Freebie Friday patterns). I have enough of this yarn left to knit another pair (or at least most of another pair, maybe with contrasting heels, toes and cuffs). The latest batch of socks is going to CIC.

And I finished the red and white socks for me, from Mark's Clown yarn (something like 45% cotton, some wool, some nylon, superwash- I lost the band but I remember that much). But guess what happened when I washed the red and white socks gently by hand, with dish soap, in warm water? Now I have Red and pink socks (unwashed leftover yarn for comparison). It's possible that the extra color might come out in the next wash, but I'm washing them separately no matter what. I am too old and cranky for accidental pink undies.

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