Monday, October 15, 2007

Love the sweater, hate the yarn

I finished the Folkloric Blocks sweater (from Knitter's Winter 2006). I love the colors. I love the design. I will love the square buttons I intend to find for it. I still hate the yarn though. Knitting a complex sweater (intarsia isn't particularly difficult, but I much prefer Fair Isle in the round) with yarn you don't like makes for a less than delightful experience. But it's done, and I'm sure the intended recipient will like it. And I'm going to sell the leftover yarn on eBay.

Modifications to the pattern: I added the border pattern to the sleeves because I wasn't sure I had enough orange yarn to complete them as shown in the pattern. I like the change.


danielle said...

It is BEAUTIFUL! And the recipient is one lucky person! Luckier than she knows considering how much you hated the yarn!

barbarab said...

Love the sweater! Remember to show us the square buttons. One lucky lady to get such a beautiful gift.

Ruth said...

Gorgeous sweater - beautifully done and love the sleeve modification. I know where to get those buttons. They do not have a website but call them and I'm sure they'll send. NYC Tender Buttons is the name of the fabulous button shop.

Kathleen Taylor said...

Thank you everyone. I'll be sure to post pics with the buttons.

Ruth, thanks for the button source. I'm always looking for more outlets.