Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Monday Night TV Knitting

I needed a mindless project for Monday night TV watching- the 2nd episode of Chuck lived up to the first, and I actually yelped at the Lost shoutout (even though I'm only watching Lost on DVD, and am a season behind). The show is over the top, but it's funny, and it's sweet, and there are enough serious moments to leaven the bits of slapstick. Heroes continues to take no prisoners (though I hope the Black Tear Twins do something soon besides hide and accidentally kill/revive people). Journeyman was better this week- more story, and less exposition/explanation/backstory. I'm still not completely sold on it, but it's improving.

I did a little spinning (it's taking a long time to fill a bobbin with the wool/silk noil from Spinner's Web), and then I finished the first handspun sock from Aleta Van Kampen's Northern Lights batts. It's a substantial sock, built for very cold mornings (which South Dakota provides in abundance). It took me several tries before I got the right balance of stitches and fabric and size, but I finally settled on Size 3 needles, 56 sts for the ribbing, and then dropped down to 50 for the rest. It fits perfectly, and I've cast on the mate. I'll have enough of the handspun 2-ply yarn left to make a pair of mittens (fingerless, if nothing else), and I think I'll go up a needle size and do some cables. I love the little color highlights in this yarn.
I finished one of the Folkloric Block fronts yesterday, too (earlier in the day- that sweater is too complex to work on during Heroes).

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