Thursday, January 24, 2008

AI- Charleston Auditions

Well, I found my Hated One- I don't want to hear lectures on quitting drugs from someone who never inhaled. I don't want advice on losing weight from someone who is naturally thin. And I never, ever, and I do mean ever, want to be harrangued about sex by a 16 year old Virgin. That Amy had no notion that she was supremely annoying tells me everything I need to know about her. I hope she meets the young man who is determined not to kiss anyone until his wedding day.

Aretha's voice wasn't horrible, but her dress and belt were. If she'd toned those boobs down just a bit, the judges might have been able to pick their jaws up off the floor, and listen to her instead.

I thought we were being set up for a bad audition, but Jeffrey and his sister were surprisingly good. I don't think he'll make it very far once the voting starts though. America is just not ready to embrace a big bald guy who wears a necktie as a sweatband.

What is in the water in Albemarle? First Pickler, and now the waitress who will spit in your food even before you tell her that you wanted your eggs scrambled, not over easy.

I thought the Pilot sang very well, and was sorry she didn't make it through. Ditto New Dad, though all the flourishes killed him, I think.

This was the worst of the audition shows so far.


Rosie said...

I also wasn't too impressed with this one. I actually didn't get to see the last 20 minutes or so, because I was dealing with a slight MOUSE problem. eek!

Missy said...

You just won an award on my blog... check it out!

Kathleen Taylor said...

And thank you very much, Missy, for the award. I will pass it on in tomorrow's postings.

Kathleen Taylor said...

Rosie, is there any such thing as a SLIGHT mouse problem?????