Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday Tab- Saalfield Midi Mod #1348, 1966

This one is fun- Saalfield #1348, Midi-Mod Fashions from the mid-60's (and yes, I remember all of them clearly, though frankly, some of these outfits look more '62 than '66, and the dolls look more 35 than 16). It's interesting to note that the same set, with the title Randy & Cher, was published by Rand McNally in '72. I only have a scan of the cover of the reissue, so I don't know if it had all of the clothes from the original (often reprints had fewer pages).
Win-chester Cathedral, you're bringing me dow-won...
Click on the images to enlarge, right click to save as jpgs. Print from any graphics program, clothes on plain paper, covers on card stock.


Jan said...

I remember these - wow thanks so much! Jan H (MA)

Kathleen Taylor said...

Isn't it a hoot when that happens? Brings back your whole childhood.