Sunday, January 20, 2008

One Proud Gramma

And why am I so proud? Because of this little bit of knitting, right here.

My 6 year old granddaughter picked up the needles for the first time when she was 4 but it never quite clicked with her and she set them aside for crayons and jump ropes. On Friday, she asked to try knitting again. We looked through my stash, and she chose a pretty purple wool, and gave it another go. After much lip biting and squinting, and a bit of help with split stitches, she had her first knitting *lightbulb* moment, and was off to the races. By this morning, she was measuring the piece on her wrist after every row, and was beyond excited when it was finally long enough (turning it into a wristband was her idea, after we rejected sock and sweater). I helped her with the YO buttonhole, and the bind off, but she did the knitting and the weaving in. She then chose a lampworked bead and sewed it on by herself.

Yep, one very proud Gramma.

She asked if people knit wash cloths, and if so, could she try that next.

An extremely proud Gramma.


Diane said...

Wow, I'd be a proud gramma too! What a nice little wrist warmer. Dishcloths are great to learn on, I hope she keeps at it.

Viki said...

Fantastic! Don't push her, just let her develope her own rhythm.

My DD2 started trying at 3 and it didn't quite click. At 6 she picked up the needles again and figured it all out by herself.
At 9 she was selling fuzzy scarves to the ballet moms. At 14 she has made socks and is starting a cardi.
Now, if only she'd stop shopping in my stash! LOL!