Thursday, January 17, 2008

American Idol- Dallas Auditions

Two nights in a row, they showed us some good singers (if you haven't watched this show obsessively, you might not be surprised that a singing show would feature some good singers once in awhile). There were the crazies (creepy father/son locket/key duo? urk. guy who saves his fingernail clippings in a baggie and carries them around? double urk), but there were good singers:
Jessica Brown, former meth addict, now recovering, made me like a song I really hate. Pia Easley made me appreciate blonde mini-mohawks (and whatever other mysterious things she had going on in her hair). Sixteen year old girl who, despite what everyone has told her, and which she obviously believes, is not as good as Carrie Underwood, but who has *something*- she'll be interesting to watch.

And best of all, Farm Boy Drew- with the amazing deep voice. I'm not totally sold on him because country music is not my bailiwick, but he has a chance to grow into the Dread Pirate Idol, I think.
And Paula dancing her fool head off at the end made me smile. I don't know why, but it did.

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Rosie said...

I totally love these posts! I was kind of hoping that the father/son locket guy would get through! It would have been fun to watch his progression. I think the fingernail guy is cute and I liked his voice, but it makes him SO CREEPY that he carries around his fingernails in a bag. UGHHHH!!