Sunday, January 27, 2008

What kind of knitter are you?

According to the test, I'm a logical knitter.

But not really- I make almost everything up as I go. That would make me an adventurous knitter.

Or a foolish knitter.

Or sometimes a knitter who says very bad words out loud.


#4 said...

I am a 'Contented Knitter"
..tried and true....
I don't venture far from the basic scarf pattern.
I will read the I heart felt book..Just got it yesterday....The pictures are beautiful...
You did a wonderful Job Kathleen...thanks for te tips on for the angel hair yarn..

RuthieJ said...

I am a "Contented Knitter" also. (the happiest of all knitters, the results say).
That was fun. Thanks for the link Kathleen.

ellemenope said...

That quiz was fun. I turned out to be an artistic knitter. Fits perfectly!