Wednesday, January 16, 2008

AI- Philly Auditions

It was a suprisingly good show. Simon was gentle with nearly everyone (saving the nasty comments for when the auditioner was out of the room at least), Paula was coherent, Randy has a goatee. We got to hear more good singers than we usually hear in an audition show (especially the first one of the season). They kept the crazies to a minimum (and I am firmly convinced that Alexis Cohen, the beglittered vet-wannabe, has a hearing problem. The judges encouraged her to sing with a band, which is where she probably belongs. They most certainly did not say anything that warranted her rant). I am also firmly convinced that Stalker Paul sang his creepy song with tongue planted firmly in cheek (if you were a bathtub, I'd caulk you?).

I liked Joey Catalano (the first singer, the one who has lost 200 lbs), and Angela Martin (the young mother with the special needs child- though in my world, Angela Martin will always be a tiny, uptight blonde secretly in love with Dwight Schrute), and the cage-fighting blonde (though word is that she's a ringer, with a previous recording contract), but no one rang the Aiken/Hicks bell for me.

What I didn't love: I have seen all the tall, leggy, beautiful blonde girls that I need to. Yes they can sing. Yes they're attractive. But I am pretty sure that some average-looking, heavy women with good voices auditioned. I'd like to hear them too.
BTW- If you want real AI recaps, go to Television Without Pity (TWoP link in the Non-Knitting Places I love). Snark is spoken there.

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Rosie said...

You know how they did that little montage at the end with everyone holding their golden tickets? We hardly got to see any of those people! The crazies are fun to watch, but I wish I could get to see more of the good singers that made it to Hollywood. I guess they could always extend the show to three hours right? ;)