Thursday, January 31, 2008

AI- Miami Auditions

We open with the Idol Vice logo and segue directly to Shannon, the meat chopping Pro Burper, who had won a bunch of contests without possessing the ability to sing, and without anyone informing her of that oh, so important fact. I did enjoy her Bangle Hat though (similar to the one I posted awhile back, from the old needlework magazine).

Curly-locked Gahleb was 27 the same way I'm 47, which is to say: not. I don't know how his accent qualified him to slobber all over Paula, but she seemed to be enjoying it.

Corliss and Brittany, large ladies who dress very well (not a common combo on AI), were the highlight of the episode for me. I loved both of them but prefer the tone of Corliss's voice. I have already set myself up for the dissapointment of a JHud/Mandisa/LaKisha early elimination (if she even makes it that far).

The rest of the good singers didn't seem that good to me- each one threw in a few bad notes, and almost all of them oversang (hint to auditioners: Bonnie Raitt just sings the notes. no embroidery needed, and Janis Joplin songs only sound good with Janis Joplin singing them). Even the backstories were boring. Single Mom with the adorable little girl was more memorable for Shirley Templing her hair than her voice, and the girl with the recovering addict father wasn't any different from the girl with the distant father (from Omaha) or any of the other dysfunctional family-dynamic stories they keep shoving at us.

And then there was Julie, the former American Junior Finalist. I felt a little guilty being so glad that a 16 year old was so very bad, until her mom tried to put an arm around her and Julie flung it away. There's delusional. There's young. There's overconfident. And there's a bit of early success impairing maturity. But there's also pure brattiness, and I think I know what we saw.

Is it Hollywood time yet? I haven't found my one and I am getting tired of auditions.

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Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

I was behind on AI, So I'm all caught up with you now, I haven't found my "one" yet either...