Tuesday, June 3, 2008

But You're So Far Away

It's easy to come up with song references when your roving is named after a tune on one of your favorite albums of all time. The So Far Away BFL (blue faced leicester) roving, from Yummy Yarns, is spinning up beautifully, and my Navajo 3-plying is getting better. I still have whoopie-doos (a Technical Carpentry Term that I learned from my husband) in my joins, but they're fewer, and smoother than before.

This hank is 1.6 ozs (out of a total 4ozs of roving- though you alway lose some in the spinning), and 119 yds, a nice fingering weight 3-ply. It's coming out nicely striped, in wonderful butterscotch, blues and greens. My 2 larger skeins should match up pretty well because the roving was very evenly dyed in repeats. There will be a smaller skein left over with all of the colors but a different stripe repeat, and I may need that for the toes (which won't show anyway). What? Of course, it's going to be sock yarn.

And after I finished the Book Sock, and plying last night's skein, I had about a half hour left, so I picked up the Ravelry sock again (it's not cheating if there was nothing else I could do for that half hour)(well, I could have cleaned toilets, but that's just plain silly). I ripped out the cuff (to the ribbing), increased 2 sts, and reknit it with the smaller size 2 (2.75mm) needles. I am much happier with the fabric now, and shouldn't have to tear it out again. These are going to be gorgeous socks

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