Friday, June 20, 2008

Stashy Enhancement

My order from Twisted Fiberarts came yesterday! If you're any kind of a sock knitter, you need to check out the amazing, fantastic, beautiful hand-dyed, self-patterning yarns and fibers that Meg, Aggie and Anne produce. (link in Stash Enhancers section- check out the colorways link and prepare to be hypnotized)

You have to practice patience for these yarns- colorways are only available a few at a time, and a limited number of each yarn blend and color is up for grabs in any one ordering cycle, and if you don't grab nearly instantly (within a day or so of availibility), you're simply out of luck. Each order is dyed specifically for the customer, so it can take up to a month for the yarns to arrive (unless you're lucky enough to stumble across one of their unannounced Instant Gratification sales, which I was. Once).

But, oh, these yarns and fibers are worth the wait. Yesterday's package contained a skein of the Giles colorway (gold/blue/brown) Kabam (merino/bamboo) sock yarn, and a hank of Giles roving in Puffy (superfine merino); a skein of Sherwood colorway (greens/roses) in Playful (merino superwash) with a small skein of rose shades for contrast heels and toes, plus a hank of Sherwood roving in Sleek (merino/tencel- I can't wait to spin this stuff- I just want to lay down and nap on it). As with my other orders from Twisted, the yarns and fibers are beautifully dyed, and the colors are even better in person than on the monitor.

My shipment also came with a teeny little sample skein of Warlock (charcoal/purples) in Arial (a lightweight superwash merino), and a little sample hank of Circle roving in Lively (superwash merino).

The first socks I will cast on after I finish the sock book, will use Twisted yarns. I will be very interested to see how their dyed sock yarn compares to my handspun yarn in the same colorways (it'll be similar, but different enough- and I get double the pleasure: spinning the yarn, and then knitting with it).

Check them out- you'll be entranced too.


Karen said...

OMG, I want those yarns! KT, you are a terrible influence! :D
**rushing off to check out the site**

Kathleen Taylor said...

Gorgeous, aren't they? Always glad to bring another knitter into the fold...